Kat Krash Fever: Featured Skater Of The Month

Kat Krash Fever

NWA Roller Derby’s July Skater of the Month is #1976, the Natural Disasters’ team captain, Kat Krash Fever.

Kat, who has been with the Disasters for two years, got involved when she was looking for a skating rink to go to with her kids. She went to Starlight Skatium and noticed they had roller derby, thought it sounded awesome and decided to try it out. Two years later and she hasn’t looked back.

Many skaters have a particular derby hero or two they look up to; someone they strive to emulate. Kat, on the other hand, has a very different way of viewing things. When asked who her derby hero was, she said, “Everyone – seriously, anyone who pushes themselves to play this sport is a hero.”

To anyone who is thinking of giving roller derby a try, Kat’s words of advice are to just do it! Make it past your minimum skills requirements, play in your first game and hang out with your league mates. Only then should you decide if it’s for you.

Excellent advice, Kat! Congratulations again on being selected NWA Roller Derby’s Skater of the Month!

Photo Credit: Victor Chalfant Photography