Sisterly Smackdown Review

On Saturday, April 24, the Oklahoma Victory Dolls traveled to Fayetteville, AR to skate against Northwest Arkansas Roller Derby’s Killbillies. In their last face-off, Northwest Arkansas emerged victorious with a score of 165-46. This game proved to be a much tougher match consisting of multiple lead changes.

Northwest Arkansas started off with a quick lead, but it was quickly followed by lots of trips to the penalty box. T Pain’s jamming in jam 7 for OKVD gave a one-point lead for the Victory Dolls, bringing the score to 26-27. Over the next two jams, the lead changed two more times. In Jam 9, Party Pants scored 15 for OKVD giving a score of 34-46. NWA’s blockers starting stepping up the defense including some big hits from Blackzilla and tough positional blocking by Apache Rose.  Killbilly jammers dominated the final 8 jams of the first half, gaining lead jammer status and stifling Oklahoma’s jammers’ scoring. At halftime the score was 81-67 in favor of Arkansas.

The second period started with NWA gaining a bigger lead followed by heavy defense. The third jam featured NWA’s The Professional scoring an unanswered 15 points to lengthen the lead to 104-67. NWA kept a definite focus on defense from this point on. OKVD’s blockers were strong featuring the quick bursts of Jen A Tease and intensity from Sally Strychnine. It was never enough, however, to hold off the simultaneous scoring and defensive jamming by JoAnn of Arc. The final score was 137-110.

NWA’s next bout is in Fayetteville, AR against the Dallas Derby Devils. OKVD will be playing in Oklahoma City on May 15th.

Submitted by Coach Captain Jay Sparrow in collaboration with Mack Data-D, Head of Stats

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