Skater Of The Month

Member of the Backwoods Betties Since February, 2010

Anger is one of NWA’s newer skaters but has already proven herself to be a tough woman ready to take on any challenge.  Her hard work at practice and various roller derby events is paying off, and she is improving at an exponential rate. Currently, she is known for catching other skaters off-guard and sending them into the air… literally.

Anger Management is a corporate chef for Simmons Foods. She and her boyfriend Darwin are opening a Japanese restaurant in May. She has also adopted a ferocious Chihuahua named Roscoe. Besides derby, she also loves square-foot gardening. Anger is a key role behind the scenes, as well. She has provided food for after parties and volunteers at bouts she is not skating in.

Anger’s motto: “Fall 7 times, pick yourself up 8.”

Congratulations Anger Management!