Skater of the Month

Shuvee Gremlin #1011

Member since 2008
Skater for the Backwoods Betties since 2009

Shuvee Gremlin #1011

“Shuvee” was the name of a hall of fame race horse. NWA’s Shuvee Gremlin has also proven herself to be one of the fastest contenders around. Shuvee always works hard to improve herself. Shuvee orginally passed her Minimum Skills Requirement to be on the Betties team in March of 2008, but had to immediately quit due to work. Later, she changed her schedule, passed the skills test again, and was admitted to the Betties in November of 2009.

She has proven herself to be a valuable jammer, consistently leaving opponents in the dust and never stopping. Shuvee has taken on the job of organizing much of the “fresh meat” process. Her work has streamlined much of the way NWA trains and tests new skaters.

When not sprinting laps at the rink, Shuvee enjoys horse back riding. She also has two dogs. Shuvee says “I don’t have time for stuff beyond work and skating. I have NO idea how all the moms do it.”

Congratulations Shuvee Gremlin, our Skater of the Month for June 2010!