Skater Of The Month

Pork Pie #101

Joined: 2006
Twisted Sisters – Co-Capt 2006 – 2007
Killbillies 2008 & 2010
Head of Sponsorship Committee 2010

Pork Pie #101 (Photo by Phil Peterson)

Pork Pie has been a motivated skater, teammate and leader within NWA Roller Derby. She has always been a top skater, mainly due to her persistent drive to never settle for mediocre performance in any thing she does. Pork is reliable, dependable and always entertaining. Currently she is administratively serving our league as Head of Sponsorship Committee, this is a vital role in our existence and the continued drive to achieve our mission. She continues to be a threat to all her contenders on the track as a blocker and a jammer.

Off skates Pork Pie is a wife, loves ball-room dancing, works for one of the nation’s largest tortilla manufacturers and volunteers for Habitat for Humanity on the weekends. Did I mention she is Canadian, that’s right Go Canada! We all love our Pork Pie.