Skater Of The Month

Core Rage

Don’t get her mad – she’s hard core – she’s CORE RAGE!!

Even before this ex-Houstonite first tried out for NWA Roller Derby in March 2010, Core Rage proved to be a valuable member of the league.  Core Rage was a diligent and hard-working member of the Sponsorship Committee and has recently stepped up as Head of the Events Committee.  Her committee is in charge of all NWARD event planning including bout production and fundraising.  We couldn’t do without her!  Besides her invaluable organizational skills, Core Rage is also a fiercely dedicated skater.  Pushing herself through injuries (under medical supervision), she attends practices even if she isn’t skating.  According to her:

“What I love about Roller Derby is the challenge.  Everyday I step on that floor I am challenged to push myself physically harder than I thought I could.  But the bigger challenge for me is how it forces me to push myself mentally.  I am finding there is no room for self-doubt in derby; if you think you can’t, you won’t.  Period.  So get over it and do it.”

Off-skates, Core Rage is a wife and mother.  She loves to read, travel, photography, and enjoys hiking and camping.

Thank you for being you, Core Rage, and congratulations on being our October NWARD Skater of the Month!