Daisy Maim: Skater Of The Month: April 2011

Daizy Maim attended her first NWARD practice in February 2010 and has since proved herself a great team-player, responsible organizer and fierce competitor!  Off the track, Daizy Maim has really stepped up to put her superior organizational skills to good use helping with bout production and event planning for the league.  On the track, she likens herself to a great white shark – and you’d better be careful, she’s definitely out to get you!  Daizy joined the NWARD All-Star Team this spring.  Daizy’s advice for all women out there: “You CAN play derby.  It’s not about size and physical strength, but what’s in your heart……… a determination to persevere.”

Daizy has been married for 14 years and has two boys whom she homeschools.  Ms Maim lists Faith, Family and Friendships as the most important things in her life.  If she isn’t wearing skates, she’s storm-spotting, fishing, camping or swimming with her family – perfect activities for the beautiful outdoors of Northwest Arkansas.

Thank you for all you do, Daizy Maim!