Skater Of The Month

Congratulations Mack Data D – our NWARD June 2011 Skater of the Month!

You’ll see Mack Data D on the floor, but not on skates; he is our Head Statistician and has been since 2006, almost as long as the league has been in existence.  Mack Data compiles and arranges the collections and interpretation of bout statistics.  Basically, Mack Data keeps track of all points and penalties, and gives the players the data in such a way that the players and coaches know which blockers, jammers and packs are most effective and against whom.  The data is essential for the improvement of the league and players.  Sounds complicated, doesn’t it?   But it’s the perfect task for an analytical brain like his – during the day he is an IT manager at the University of Arkansas.

How did Mack Data become a skater without skating?  According to him:  “I fell in love with this sport after seeing the first NWA home bout, and even more so a few weeks later when I flew to Austin and saw my second live bout ever bout which was between Texas and Pheonix. I was almost killed by Derringer flying into me off of turn 4, had my beer knocked over onto the rink and was called out publicly by the announcer for a spillage violation.  I was hooked!”

Mack Data’s favorite part about NWARD is the people: “I’ve met, worked with and become friends with some of the most amazing people both at home and in other leagues. And then there’s the dynamic and excitement of the sport, like none other I’ve ever been a part of.”

Off-off skates, you’ll find Mack Data at a pub drinking a cold one, spending time with his friends, family, his wife, God, and music.

Mack Data, we really appreciate all that you’ve done for this league, we love you and thank you!  Congratulations!