Devil’s Reject

Name: Devil’s Reject

Nickname: Reject

What’s the origin of your name? It’s the name of a movie I love by Rob Zombie who I also like just a bit.

Number: B29

What does your number mean? It’s the type of bomber that dropped bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Team: Um…does it have a name yet?

What position do you play? Ha! Um, blocker?

How long have you been skating? 1 year

When did you join derby? August 2010

How did you get involved in derby? Kraiger blue eyes kept talking about it and Cannon told me to not be a wimp so I showed up.

Signature move: I have a mean fall and recovery!

What role do you play behind the scenes? Head of Public Relations Committee

Pre-bout ritual: Dress up, throw up, show up.

Motivational quote: Live the life you have imagined.

Derby heroes: Anyone who has ever taught me anything and as of this weekend, Evolution #2012 of KCRW. Amazing!

What makes you have instant respect for a derby skater? I love when skaters take the time to teach the rest of us how to be our best. It shows their love of the sport and really ensures its continuation.

What do you do outside of derby? I am currently working on a Masters in Higher Education at the U of A and work there as well as a tutor for the sports teams and I tend bar at Macadoodles.

Favorite derby moment so far? So many! I still have to say that every single time I think about JoAnn owning that win over ICT last season it still gives me goosebumps!

Favorite derby teams? Oh hard one…I love them all!

If you could remove one penalty from the game what would it be? None of them, they all make sense to me.

What advice would you like to give up and coming derby players? ASK! If there is anything you’re unsure of, ask. Also, don’t take anything personally, it’s just derbs.

Derby awards? Skater of the Month in February…super honored!

Where are you from? Born in Fayetteville but have lived all over the place.

How long have you lived here? Most of my life.

What keeps you here? I have great friends and am working on finishing up my education and I kinda can’t decide where I wanna go next.

Animals? None. I used to have doggies but I can’t have them where I live.

Family? All these wonderful ladies!