Doom Buggy

Name: Doom Buggy

Nickname: Bug, Doom, Ricky, whatever

Origin of name: I’m an entomologist, so I was trying to find a name with “bug” in it, but also one that wasn’t  too obscure.

Number: No number yet. Refs have unique numbers, so I’m trying to find one that is available and has some meaning

Team: Team Zeeb!

Position: Inside Pack Ref and Outside Pack Ref

How long have you been skating: Skated as a kid at Super Skate near Dallas. When I started fresh meat, I had not been on skates in over 25 years!!…was not like riding a bike… My tailbone hurt A LOT!

When did I join derby: April 2011

How did I get involved: Met Blackzilla and she invited me to a bout. I went to the after party and met Stone Sober. He encouraged me to come to fresh meat and mentioned adult night at the rink. I immediately put adult night on the calendar and was hooked in the first lap!

What role do I play: Ref committee and comic relief in the form of self-deprecating humor

Motivational quote: “You can’t polish a turd, but you can roll it in glitter.” and,  ”Why date an amateur, when you can date a professional.”

Derby Heroes: Amazed and awestruck by all of them! Derby folks are good people.

What makes me have instant respect for another skater:  If they are helpful and don’t get offended/annoyed by what may seem like a simple or naive question. We all have to start somewhere.

What do I do outside of derby: I work for the Entomology Department at the University of Arkansas. Too many hobbies to list; love learning any new skill.

Favorite derby moments so far:  Reffing my first bout. It was a league fun bout and it was amazing!  Finally deciding on a derby name and hearing it announced that first time. It just sounded right.

Favorite derby teams: No favoritism here

If I could remove one penalty:  I don’t have enough experience yet to make a suggestion. Jammer line starts stink, not just for the audience, but it makes it difficult to see what’s going on. Would I change it? Meh, I’ll leave that to someone else for now.

What advice would I give to new players: Stick with it. Go to as many open skate and speed skate sessions as possible. Ask several people about their technique for a certain skill. Everyone has their own way of doing something, and one way may really work better for you.

Where am I from: Born in Dallas, TX; graduated high school in Ozark, AR; several years in Russellville, AR at Arkansas Tech University; moved to Fayetteville, AR in 2001 for grad school and fell in love with the place and the people.

How long have I lived here: 10 years

What keeps me here: Fear of change…hey, you asked!

Animals: two parakeets, a two year old box turtle, marine aquarium (clownfish, etc.), five tarantulas, and an orange-spotted roach colony…yes, a roach colony. Did I mention I like bugs?…and what else am I supposed to feed the turtle and spiders?!