JoAnn Of Arc #407


Name: JoAnn Of Arc

Nickname: JoAnnimal, JoJo, Glitter Bomb (mostly just for after parties) – really just an array of names because my real name is JoAnn so people feel the need to call me something different.

What’s the origin of your name? The origin of my name comes from my first derby wives mom.  I couldn’t think of anything I wanted to commit to until Flyon Maiden told me her mom came up with JoAnn of Arc and said why not?  Although I’m not of French origin and am in fact Swedish, I skate like a spiritual possessed patron helping her team to victory :)

Number: 407

What does your number mean? It doesnt mean anything in regards to my name but it means something to me, let’s just say this number brings me luck.

Team: Last season I played on The Gaitlin Girls home team and the All-Star team.  Since NWA has a low population and is a College town we had to dissolve the home teams due to lack of numbers/skaters and go back to an All-Star team and a B-Team.  This season I have been elected to be the All-Star’s Captain and am SUPER excited about it and can’t wait to start working hard and having fun!

What position do you play? I’ve been in the Jammer position for 4 years.  Currently we are training some up-and-comers that I am super proud of and will be fierce competitors for the upcoming season so I may have the chance to play more positions.

How long have you been skating? October 30th 2007

When did you join derby? It took me about a year of a close friend (Flyon Maiden) badgering me and telling me how AWESOME derby is before I decided to go with her and started coming to fresh meat practices July/August of 2007

Signature move:
Well I’ve been told it’s my ability to explode in any direction while jamming in the pack and jumping the apex.

What role do you play behind the scenes?  I have been the league’s WFTDA Rep for the last two years which means turning in paperwork for ref evaluations, charters, and sanctioning so we remain a nationally ranked team.  This position also requires a seat on the council.  I also help with events, travel for Nationals and Regionals to scope out the competition, and go to bootcamps to better myself as a skater and bring back knowledge to my league.

Per bout ritual:  Starts the night before with a gigantic bowl of pasta then a relaxing bath.  Day of I eat a serious breakfast which usually contains pancakes and waaaaaay too much bacon, lunch is a light salad and maybe a light jog to get everything warmed up and get the jitters out (yes, after 4 years I still get butterflies in my stomach), few hours before the game I mix up a batch of jammer juice thanks to derbalife!, rock some fierce make-up, douse myself in glitter, and grab my gear!

Motivational quote: “Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass, its about learning to dance in the rain”

Derby heros:  Bonnie Thunder’s strategic skill and ability to make her own holes through the pack, Atomatrix’s form, stride, and speed, Kelly Young aka Snot Rocket’s speed and amazing agility, really every Roller Derby Skater that believes in themselves and encourages others, fights to be the best, and keeps an attitude that is positive, uplifiting, flexible, and doesn’t cause derby drama

What makes you have instant respect for a derby skater? Athleticism and attitude

What do you do outside of derby? Outside of derby? derby…kidding I have a full life outside of the sport.  I am a full time student at the U of A majoring in Art Education with emphasis in painting and ceramics.  I also work in the campus art gallery, teach arts and crafts for after school programs, and work At Macadoodles, one of fantastically amazing sponsors!

Favorite derby moment so far? My favorite derby moment so far would have to be going to Chicago for Nationals.  It was soooo much fun and got to watch the most intense bout for the championship.  Although I have many, from my first All-Star game in Houston and our “hangover” bout against the Hell Mary’s from Austin to Minnesota to hosting some amazing bootcamps.

Favorite derby teams? NWA!!!!  Team Special, Team Awesome, US World Cup Team, Gotham, Rose City, and any team that works exceptionally well together on and off the track.

If you could remove one penalty from the game what would it be? Really I wouldnt want any of the penalties removed because they are there for everyone’s safety

What advice would you like to give up and coming derby players?
Keep at it!  You dont become an amazing skater over night

Derby awards?
I got jammer of the year in 2010, I’ve received MVP for games in 2009 including Rocket City Rumble’s Tournament and a couple in 2010.

What keeps you here? I attend the University of Arkansas as an Art Education major. I gots a kitters named fambly cat and I have a very supportive family that comes to as many games as they can and I love them :)