Karma-lektrack: NWA Roller Derby’s Skater Of The Month for December 2011

NWA Roller Derby would like to recognize December’s skater of the month, Karma-lektrack! Karma joined us on April 4 2011 and stood out on the track with her never give up attitude. Although she had only skated with NWA Roller Derby for a short time, Karma quickly moved to the All-Star team as a jammer, but can also block with the best of them.

Karma has also taken on the responsibility of Fresh-Meat Coordinator for NWA Roller Derby. She is the first skater most newbies talk to when they walk in the door for their first practice. Karma has really taken this leadership position to the next level and has improved our Fresh Meat program by leaps and bounds.

Congratulations Karma! Keep up the outstanding work

Skater Tidbits:

  • What’s the origin of your name: “I guess you could say because
    of Carmen Electra. I was called that in high school.  I also ran cross-country in high school so I add the word track.”
  • Where are you from? El Salvador, a little country in Centro America
  • Animals: One German Shepard mix female ‘Blacky’. One Anatolian-mix
    Shepard male ‘Ranger’.
  • When did you join roller derby: April 4th 2011
  • Derby Heroes: Joann Of Arc , Suzy Hotrod, and the amazing Team USA
  • What advice would you like to give up and coming derby players: Skate, skate, skate at every possible chance and never quit because the key is to have a goal and commit to it and you will do amazing things.