La Bomba #23


Name: LaBomba

Nickname: Bomba

What’s the origin of your name? Well I’m mexican and I wanted something to relate to it and I love the song LaBamba and to dance to latin music so it just clicked!

Number: 23

What does your number mean? It was my number when i played sports, also my birthday, and Michael Jordan’s number!

Team: Northwest Arkansas All Star Team

What position do you play? Mostly blocker but also pivot and occasionally jam

How long have you been skating? been on skates since I was 5 so roughly 20 years

When did you join derby? I started Feb. 2008 with Mo-Kan in Joplin and then transferred to NWARD Feb. 2009

How did you get involved in derby? I watched a bout with a friend who’s sister played at the time feel in love but there wasn’t a team around where I lived until I saw a flyer at the school I was attending advertising for Mo-Kan so went to one practice feel even more in love and they told me I had no choice but to join!

Signature move: Hitting while skating backwards, and hitting a player out of bounds and stopping on command and making them re-enter the back of the pack

What roll do you play behind the scenes? Coaching Committee and the one that yells ALOT on and off the track!

Pre bout ritual: Water, banana, and listen to music to get pumped up!

Movationail quote: It’s not personal, its ROLLER DERBY!

Derby heroes: The one and only MEGASOREASS!!

What makes you have instant respect for a derby skater? Being a badass on the track and then a cool, fun-filling, not full of themselves, awesome person to talk to off the track.

What do you do outside of derby? Server Trainer at Carinos Italian

Favorite derby moment so far? The first home team bout last year, I jammed the last jam scoring 17 points and winning the bout for the Hardwood Hustlas! Who knew I could Jam?

Favorite derby teams? KCRW, Magic City, Oly, TXRG

If you could remove one penalty from the game what would it be? Ref Discretion

What advice would you like to give up and coming derby players? Skate as much as you can especially as little things like outdoor or session, don’t ever be afraid to ask questions, don’t ever hold back go all out! And most important of all HAVE FUN!!

Derby awards? 2011 MVP vs Heartbreakers, 2011 MVP vs. River Valley, 2011 MVP Blocker vs. Como

Where are you from? Parsons, KS

How long have you lived here? 2 yrs

What keeps you here? I moved here for roller derby and thats what still keeps me here with the exception of my boyfriend Matt and besties Cakes and Mega!

Animals? No. Don’t have time for them so I just go to Slammie’s when I want my fix.

Family? Parents: Martin and Sharon and two sisters Megan and Kyla and they are all my biggest fans of Derby…..oh and my derb wifey, Slammie!