Panti Venom

Name: Panti Venom

Nickname: Panties or Venom depending on who you talk to…

Origin of Name: I am a herpetologist who studies the molecular ecology of snakes (mostly Vipers). I wanted to have a name that played the with word “anti-venom”, the medicine that one requires if they are bitten by a venomous snake. I put on a helmet panty in my old league during a scrimmage and it hit me!. Panti Venom was born…

Number: 1 (cent). Why? What is a penny but a copper-colored coin with a head on it. This simplifies to copperhead! The species that I am studying for my master’s degree!

Team: NWA B-Team

Position: I prefer to block.

Time Skating: Since January 5, 2010. Yes, I know my derby-versary.

Joined Derby: My very first time on roller skates was at my first roller derby practice on January 5, 2010.

How did I get involved: I was sitting at a karaoke bar with my friend during senior year of college and I had just told her how I wished that I had some way to relieve stress. Then, like a derby gift sent from heaven, a woman in full uniform walked in and sat down next to me. I asked her if she played roller derby and she said “Yeah….you wanna play?” And thus began my derby career.

Signature Move: I’m not giving away my secrets…..

Role Behind the Scenes: Events Committee and occasional jam timing.

Pre-Bout Ritual: Making sure my favorite booty shorts are clean…

Motivational Quote: Don’t sweat the petty stuff….and definitely don’t pet the sweaty stuff.

Derby Heroes: My first derby teacher, Urrkn’ Jerkin’ as Booty Blockya.

Instant Respect for a Derby Skater: Humility.

Outside of Derby: Full time graduate student and teaching assistant at the University of Arkansas.

Favorite Derby Moment: Half-time couples skating with Venus DeMonic.

Favorite Derby Team: Rocky Mountain Roller Girls.

Penalty to Remove: Being penalized for tripping if you fall and someone falls over you.

Advice: If you have ever in your life even thought about trying roller derby, do it.

Derby Awards: N/A

Where are you from: Pittsburgh, PA

Lived here since: August 2010.

What keeps you here: My graduate program and the awesomeness that is Northwest Arkansas.

Animals: A super fat cat named Fuzzy and a tortoise named Geoffrey.

Family: Amazing parents and an awesome younger sister