Rusty Guillotine

Nickname: Rusty

What’s the origin of your name? Well my profession is cutting hair and I wanted to incorporate that with my name. A Guillotine is an execution device used for decapitation. So I went with that and made it rusty so it would hurt more.

Number: 45

What does your number mean? A Guillotine blade is at a 45 degree angle

Team: Formally Backwoods Betties, formally Pistol Whips, and currently NWA All-Stars

What position do you play? Blocker/ Lead Blocker

How long have you been skating? Just skating… since I was a kid.

When did you join derby? I started Fresh-meat in February 2010, joined the league in May 2010.

How did you get involved in derby? 99, her husband, my husband and I all went to Starlight Skatium one night to see if we could skate as good as we proclaim to be able to (and the husbands are not as good as they thought). While we were there we saw a poster with NWARD on it and it saying something about fresh-meat and 99 said we should try it. Well it wasn’t much time after that night that 99 called me up on a Sunday evening telling me all about what I was missing out on. So after a few Sundays of this I decided to go, I went and I loved it.

Signature move: “Bulldozing” AKA: taking a blocker/jammer out that needs to be taken out.

What role do you play behind the scenes? I am part of the Grievance and Referee committees

Pre-bout ritual: Eat a good breakfast; hydrate; shower; hydrate; light lunch; hydrate; get dressed; hydrate; Go Skate!

Motivational quote: I’m not a quote kind of girl, I’m too generic.

What makes you have instant respect for a derby skater? Skate good, hit hard and be a nice person off the track.

What do you do outside of derby? I am a cosmetologist, I do a little painting on the side, and I am a wife to Mr. Rusty Guillotine.

Favorite derby moment so far? I think it was the time I was allowed to jam in an All-Star game and I was doing great. I was scoring points for the team but I was dying. The only thing that kept my legs moving was the encouraging noise of the crowd. I did a great job jamming that one time and now I know why I block, I would only be good for one or two jams otherwise.

Favorite derby teams? NWARD, KCRW, Magic City, No Coast

If you could remove one penalty from the game what would it be? I don’t know if I would remove rules, I suppose all of them have a good reason for being in the book. I would really have to do some thinking on that.

What advice would you like to give up and coming derby players? Keep on keeping on. If your muscles kill you, just get your skates on and skate anyways. If you can’t get that skill down, just keep working on it till you quit falling. Don’t be afraid to ask your fellow skaters for advice.

Derby awards? I won the MVP award with the Pistol Whips against the Gatlin Girls, and I got the “Bulldozer” award with the All-Stars in 2011

Where are you from? Springdale, born and raised

How long have you lived here? All of my 25 years of life

What keeps you here? It’s home.

Animals? Oh yea, I got some of those…Two dogs, Blue healer mix named Possum & a Sharpe/Basset mix named Suzie; A cat, brown tabby we adopted from Fayetteville animal shelter named Marilyn; Two turtles and a fish.

Family? My husband and I don’t have our own family but we do have our parents, our siblings, our aunts & uncles, our nephews, and his grandmothers. Then of course I have my derby family.