Sin #7


Nickname: Ah Ha! See…smart I am. Knew to shorten it from the get go. Sin.

What’s the origin of your name? I wanted it to be short and sweet.

Number: 7

What does your number mean? Seven deadly sins.

Team: NWA Roller Derby All Stars

What position do you play? Blocker

How long have you been skating? Since 2006

When did you join derby? Spring 2006

How did you get involved in derby? Some friends of mine had seen the fliers and said they wanted to join. I came with them and fell in love the first day. I didn’t know how to skate at all, but Coach Jay & Dis Missle led the way. I’ll always be grateful to them for that!

What role do you play behind the scenes? I’m the creative director for our league. There are a LOT of people that make the magic happen, but I’m here to make things pretty. I also do all the artwork and IT administrative duties. It really comes down to my “no puffy paint” rule.

Pre-bout ritual:Vega Sport Prepare and lots of water. Good lunch. No phone calls or texts to make me wanna kill people. Serenity.

Motivational quote: “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, or the most intelligent; it is the one most capable of change”.
-Charles Darwin

Derby heroes: Annie Maul! Unskinny Wop, Bella Fire, Quadzilla, Tannibal Lector, DeRanged, Psycho Babble, Kellie Young, Xcelerator, D-Bomb, Jen A Tease, and Joy Collision.

What makes you have instant respect for a derby skater? Their skating ability strikes me first. Then their obvious love of the sport. Down to earth and friendliness goes a long way.

What do you do outside of derby? Lots of traveling with my husband for derby…oh wait, that’s still derby. I work as Design Coordinator for Walton Arts Center, a performing arts organization.

Favorite derby moment so far? As a skater, it was our first bout against KC. Although we were beat pretty badly, it was such an honor to share a floor with my derby heroes.

Favorite derby teams? KCRW! OKVD, Oly, Denver, Magic City Misfits

If you could remove one penalty from the game what would it be? A jammer who is not lead jammer successfully calling off the jam. Really? Shouldn’t that be a penalty on the ref who didn’t realize she’s not lead? Who made up that rule?

What advice would you like to give up and coming derby players? Skate, skate, skate. Watch lots of derby OUTSIDE of your own league. Go to tournaments, watch bouts online.

Derby awards? MVP blocker: Burnin’ Love (home bout), Pirate of the year, 2009. And another one that I can’t say in public.

Where are you from? Fort Smith, AR

How long have you lived here? About 15 years?

What keeps you here? My love for this tiny community. My league, my hubby  & my family.

Animals? A black pug named Jean Paul, a Shih Tzu named Brian, and my very large black cat named Alabaster.

Family? My husband Captain Jay, one of our coaches. His family that lives very close to us, and my mom, dad & sister who live in Ft. Smith and my brother who lives in Texas.

I also have a derby wife,  Denialator.