Name: Slamerella

Nickname: Slamie

What’s the origin of your name? My cousin and her friend picked a few names for me and this was the best fit.
(Thank you Holly)

Number: XOXO

What does your number mean? I am Canadian so its my way of saying “sorry aboot that eh”

Team: Depends on the time of year

What position do you play? All

How long have you been skating? Providence Roller derby taught me how to skate in late 2008

When did you join derby? 2009

How did you get involved in derby? I moved to New England from Toronto, Canada and needed a new hobby. Looked online for woman’s sport team.

Signature move: I like to shake it out and any time on my toe stops is a good time for me

What role do you play behind the scenes? Skater rep, Coaching Committee, Help with the Fresh Meat and Marinade program.

Pre-bout ritual: Nap in my uniform

Motivational quote: “Suck it up butter cup” and “Push past the pain for the gain”

What makes you have instant respect for a derby skater? Plays hard and clean, has respect for the refs and nso’s, cross trains, has a good attitude, is willing to share their tips on how to reach athletic gold and thinks about what is best for the team.

What do you do outside of derby? Homemaker, critter crew wrangler and ride things with two wheels in the forest.

Favorite derby moment so far? I have four so far

  1. My first Fresh Meat Practice I asked a fellow skater how she did her T-stop so well. The skater gave me a dirty look and skating away. A few years later she told me that she didn’t want to share her secret tips with me as she didn’t want me to be better than her. She is my bestest derby friend today.
  2. When picking my name I picked a name that was very rude. I didn’t know it until someone asked if I really was going to take that name and told me what it meant. Anyways I didn’t pick that name.
  3. Skating with a cast on
  4. My first bout in Canada with the Killah Bee’s from PRD.

Favorite derby teams? NWARD, PRD and GTA Rollergirls

If you could remove one penalty from the game what would it be? I guess I should read the rules lol

What advice would you like to give up and coming derby players? Its cool to get a derby name and say you play but you are going to be playing a real full contact sport. Its going to hurt more than not, you need to push your self more and more every practice and cross train off skates. Team work seems to be the hardest part of derby for most skaters. But really this sport is awesome and its worth the hard work.

Derby awards? Had a few but my favorite are PRD rubber rat and NWARD skater of the month

Where are you from? Uxbridge Ontario, Canada

How long have you lived here? July 2010

What keeps you here? My hubby’s work, the awesome dirt biking and I <3 NWA

Animals? 5 dogs, Pork Chop, Hippo, Pumpkin, Zang and Coco

Family? Huge family, most are in Canada, and my Derby wife Bomba, and my first derby <3 Shamblock