The Denialator #850

The Denialator

Nickname: D

Origin of name: I’m a loan officer…I do approve people but sometimes I have to deny them as well.

Number: 850, it’s the highest credit score

Team: NWARD All Stars

Position: blocker and pivot

How long have I been skating: I got my start in elementary and then took a break for 18 years or so. Started back up January 2011.

When did I join derby: January 2011, the first Sunday the team was back from Christmas break.

How did I get involved: A few years ago I was skating at the Springdale rink and some derby girls came up after and asked me if I had ever thought about it. I had no clue what roller derby was but I did think it sounded like fun. So I went home and looked at some pictures and immediately thought “this isn’t for me”. Then in November 2010 things changed in my life and I decided I wanted to do something for me….after thinking to myself “what is something that I want to do but have never done”, the idea of roller derby came back to me. It’s been the best thing I could have done for myself.

What role do I play: Driver of JoAnn of Arc and co-committe head of Events.

Motivational quote: Can’t never did do anything.

Derby Heroes: Hall Balls and Bella Fire.

What makes me have instant respect for another skater: The will to push through it and to never give up. And to learn.

What do I do outside of derby: Volunteer at the Walton Arts Center, just got a second job at the Walton Arts Center, work at Arvest Bank, treasurer for my sorority’s house corporation, read, watch movies, write a food blog and I love to travel.

Favorite derby moments so far: The regional trip to KC. Smacking Jett in the butt with the tire tube. The new friends I’ve made.

Favorite derby teams: KC Warriors and Texecutioners. Just started watching derby so I haven’t seen a lot of other teams play yet.

If I could remove one penalty: Out of play. I always get called on it.

What advice would I give to new players: Keep at it. I love every minute that I’m on and off the track with my girls.

Where am I from: Born in Kentucky, raised in Springfield Missouri, lived in Florida for a few years during High School, moved to Arkansas for University and have been here ever since.

How long have I lived here: 11 years

What keeps me here: My job and my friends.

Animals: Just the animals I dog-sit for!

Family: Sin:) My dad and step mom live in Eureka and my mom and step dad live in Florida.