Unskinny Wop #4


Name: Unskinny Wop

Nickname: Wop, Momma Wop

What’s the origin of your name? Poison song – plus my dad is Italian and I’m, well… ‘unskinny’.

Number: 4

What does your number mean? My daughters age when I started, she helped pick it.

Team: NWA All Stars

What position do you play?

How long have you been skating?
Longer than most of my team has been alive….30 years maybe?

When did you join derby?

How did you get involved in derby?
Saw an article in the local newspaper and knew I HAD to do it, loved it ever since.

Signature move:
My edging hit.

What roll do you play behind the scenes?
Treasurer, All Stars Co- Captain, and member of the coaching committee

Per bout ritual:
Water, lots of water and some energy drink right before.

Derby heroes:
Annie Maul, Track Rat, Eclipse, Kelly Young and a hundred more!

What makes you have instant respect for a derby skater?
Skills AND a nice personality

What do you do outside of derby?
I have a job, hubby, and 2 kids.

Favorite derby moment so far?
Watching JoAnn bring it home at the end of the bout against ICT in 2011.

Favorite derby teams?

What advice would you like to give up and coming derby players?
Don’t EVER stop pushing yourself.

Derby awards?
Blocker of the year 2009, MVP in the home team Championships 2011

Where are you from?
NW Arkansas

How long have you lived here?
My entire life

What keeps you here?
My family

One cat ‘Kitty’. 2 dogs, ’Max’ a blue heeler mix and ‘Daisy’ a Bloodhound.

2 kids, a grown boy and a 9 year old girl.