Scarlet Knuckles

Name: Scarlet Knuckles

Nickname: Scarlet, and I’ve heard that I have also been called Spider Monkey which has to do with my having long-ish legs.

What’s the origin of your name?
I have always liked the name Scarlet, and I used to live near Charleston, SC between the ages of 10-18. So, I guess Scarlet pays homage to Scarlet O’Hara. And, Knuckles comes from a ‘tough guy’ comment my husband made one night…in jest, he swung his fists around as if to box the air saying, “I’ve got five for a dollar – I got plenty and I got ‘em cheap”.  This gave me the idea to be Scarlet Knuckles – 5/$1.

Number: 72 (formerly 5/$1)

What does your number mean? The WFTDA changed a rule concerning jersey numbers not too long after I started playing, so I had to change my number. I changed it to 72, which is my birth year.

Team: NWARD B-Tea

What position do you play? Blocker and Jammer

How long have you been skating? I casually skated as a kid, but when I decided to attend my first ever derby practice, I had not been on roller skates since I was 10-12-ish.

When did you join derby? September 2008

How did you get involved in derby? I approached the NWARD booth at Springfest in 2008 and a girl stepped up and said, “Hey, I recognize you from pre-school”.  Our boys had been going to the same school and we had passed each other coming and going all year long. She gave me a season schedule and suggested I attend the bout they were having that same night, so I did.  I had no idea what was going on in the game, but it still looked like SO much fun that I KNEW I had to do it! Oh, and that girl was the beautiful, Ms. Apache Rose Peacock.

Signature move: Not really a signature move, but I’ve been told I’m slippery.  Oh, and my hip bones have a reputation for being unusually ‘sharp’ and leaving marks.

What role do you play behind the scenes? I just like helping out whenever I can! I like setting up the track before bouts. I like to NSO bouts when I’m not playing in them. I’ve worked on our Sponsorship committee for a few years, and I like participating in our fundraising events. And, I’ve even made a set of emergency helmet panties the night before The Arkansas Killbillies had to leave for a tournament in Georgia.

Pre-bout ritual: Stretch, eat right, drink lots of water

What do you do outside of derby?  I am a mother of two – a ten year old girl and a seven year old boy. Besides raising them, I am also a hair stylist.

What advice would you like to give up and coming derby players?  The second you feel like you are going to fall, get lower. Lowering your center of gravity will likely keep you from falling.

Derby awards? Skater of the Month – February 2010, 3 MVP awards

Where are you from? I was born in Little Rock, AR, but I moved to Fayetteville from Los Angeles in 2005 after living there since 1996.

How long have you lived here? Almost 7 years

What keeps you here? Fayetteville is awesome!

Animals?Piper – a Welsh Corgi, A White’s Tree Frog with no name, Skittles and Midnight – Jaxon and Sophia’s Beta Fish