Thank You!

As many of you know, the amazing and dashing ladies and gents of Northwest Arkansas Roller Derby held a fundraising event to help fund their All-Star team’s upcoming tournament event, Governor’s Cup, hosted by Assassination City in Dallas, TX on January 27th.

A large crowd attended this event which consisted of the roller girls and various members of the league as well as friends, family, sponsors, and fans. At this fundraising event, much thanks to YOU great fans, NWARD was able to raise $500 to fund their travels next weekend!

We couldn’t have done this without all of you. We hope that you had a great time skating with us and will be able to come again soon.

You can also help the league by purchasing a season pass or ticket to our upcoming bout on January 22nd on our website.

Thanks to a generous donation and the purchase of a few dates with roller girls from our fantastic sponsors at Macadoodles, there is no doubt that we will make it to Dallas and back all in one piece.

We love our sponsors!