Jett #G6: NWA Roller Derby’s Skater Of The Month for February 2012

NWA Roller Derby would like to recognize February’s skater of the month, Jett!

Its a bird, no its a plane no it’s JETT!!!…. To say this skater is fast may be a understatement.
Before Jett turned 18 you would hear many derby girls asking how much longer we had to wait until Jett could join derby. Only 3 days after her birthday she was an official member of NWARD and has been moving up every since, becoming one of our top skaters.

Jett has only been playing derby for a short time but her background in speed skating and personal fitness has made her a asset to our league’s growth and physical development. We all see great things in this young ladie’s derby future.

Skater Tid-Bits:

  • What does your number mean? It’s a song lyric: “I’m so fly like a G6”
  • What role do you play behind the scenes? I am on the coaching committee.
  • Motivational quote: “Believe in yourself and all that you are, know that there is something inside of you that is greater than any obstacle.”
  • What do you do outside of derby? I’m a finance major at the U of A, and I work at Starlight Skatium

Read more about Jett here on her Skater Profile Page