Coach Mancakes: NWA Roller Derby’s Skater Of The Month for March 2012

NWARD is proud to announce our Skater of the Month March 2012 is none other than Grant ‘Mancakes’ Epperson!

This is Mancake’s second year coaching at NWARD, he originally became involved with the league when he joined the Southern Scallywags, Northwest Arkansas’ Men’s Roller Derby team. Mancakes later joined the Magic City Misfits of Jacksonville Florida in 2009, and this team is currently ranked 3rd in the Nation of Men’s Roller Derby.

To add to his extensive background with roller derby, Mancakes is also a sponsored Skater/Front Runner for Atom Wheels. His life prior to derby was built on the strong foundation of speed skating, and because he’s been on wheels since he was 10 years old, it’s no surprise that he is a two time national champion in competitive quad speed skating.

“Coach Cakes pushes you to do things you never thought you could physically do. When I doubt myself, whether its finishing an endurance drill or learning a new skill, he does not doubt me… He won’t let us give up on ourselves, so when we DO finish that those crazy endurance drills, and when we DO learn a new skill, you can tell by the grin on his face, that he feels that success too. Then he yells, ‘I KNEW you could do it!!'”99 Problems.

So, where do you find Mancakes when he’s not on skates? Between working at Starlight Skatium and coaching NWA Roller Derby, Mancakes  enjoys competing with the Magic City Misfits alongside his Partner-in-Crime Megasoreass, shuffle skating between jams while reffing bouts, and traveling the U.S. just to watch derby, so you’ll lucky to spot him without those wheels. (Atom Wheels, to be exact.)

That’s just the way it goes for a guy whose vocabulary consists mainly of the words “Teamwork!”, “Squat!”, and the phrase, “Whats the biggest part about Roller Derby?”, and finally, Cakes words to live by…
“Roller Derby is not a sport, it’s a lifestyle.”