99 Problems: NWA Roller Derby’s Skater Of The Month for April 2012

99 Problems  began with NWARD in May of 2010 and played as a Backwoods Bettie during the 2010 season. As an asset to the Hardwood Hustlas home team and NWA’s All Star travel team in 2011, she continues to be a force for reckoning in the All Star’s 2012 season. In the past, she has been the head of Recruitment, and currently serves on the Sponsorship and Ref Committees.

Off the track, 99 is a busy mom of 4 young children, 10 year old Queen Drama PreTeen, 4 year old Rhinestone Potty Mouth, and 3 year old twins, Captain Midnight Refrigerator Raider, and Princess Glued To Mom’s Leg.  She credits her husband, 99’s Problem, and her Derby Wife, Rusty Guillotine, for being her biggest supporters in life and in derby.


During the day, 99 is a nurse at Elizabeth Richardson Center, an early intervention and early education program for children from the age of 6 weeks to 5 years old who have developmental delays and developmental disabilities. These children and their families have shown 99 how to overcome real life obstacles and how to do so with some humor, some grace and a grin.


Busy family, full time career, community involvement, AND derby life.  Through all of the hats and helmets this multi-tasker wears, she keeps a positive and encouraging attitude with her teammates and continues to work hard, making 3 practices and many sacrifices (including a nap or a trip to the bathroom alone) every week to improve on her own skills as a skater.This is why 99 Problem$ is NWARD’s Skater of the Month!!


Skater Tidbits:

  • What’s the origin of your name? It’s the title of a song by Jay-Z. There’s a nice little play on words involved because of the fact that derby is primarily played by women
  • Signature move: Rusty Guillotine and I have this SWEET sandwich crush move. Usually it’s an accident that we both moved in on the same girl at the same time, but you really don’t wanna get caught in the middle of it.
  • Favorite derby teams? KCRW, Magic City, Green Country and No Coast.
  • Animals? Adopted American Boxer- 10 year old ‘Nutter Butter’, a Jack Russell Terrier that my kids named Bentley Xavier. He was a 4th of July baby.