The Denialator: NWA Roller Derby’s Skater Of The Month for September 2012

Emma “The Denialator” Bridwell came to us in the Spring of 2011 as a fresh, quiet, skater looking for a new hobby and a change of scenery. With her past time in rinks and her drive to succeed, “D” quickly caught the attention of coaches and fellow skaters with her skater form and speed. Soon, she made her way to the All-Star team and has been a blocker there ever since. D’s teammates are happy to have her swift booty come in for the attack on an opponent to help that jammer get through the pack.

After working hard as this past year’s Secretary and being voted in as this season’s Treasurer, NWARD couldn’t imagine life without her.

Banker by day, fierce booty blocker by night, The Denialator, your September Skater of the Month.

Skater Tidbits:

Origin of name: I’m a loan officer…I do approve people but sometimes I have to deny them as well.

Number: 850, it’s the highest credit score

Animals: Just the animals I dog-sit for!

Family: Sin:) My dad and step mom live in Eureka and my mom and step dad live in Florida.

If I could remove one penalty: Out of play. I always get called on it.

What advice would I give to new players: Keep at it. I love every minute that I’m on and off the track with my girls.