The Rusty Guillotine: NWA Roller Derby’s Skater Of The Month for November 2012

Congratulations to NWARD’s Skater of the Month, Rusty Guillotine! The honor is quite appropriate, as Rusty holds the title of the league’s Most Feared Skater.

Rusty has been skating for NWARD since May of 2010. She began playing for the Backwoods Betties (our former B Team), but quickly caught the eye of coaches and other skaters. Rusty was added to the All-Star roster in January of 2011.

Behind the scenes, Rusty can be found taking care of the VIP lounge at home bouts, helping to coach Exhibit B practices, and helping new skaters at Fresh Meat practices.

Off skates, Rusty works as a hair stylist. She is an amazing artist, specializing in canvas paintings. Rusty is married to James (who helps with the Beer Garden and security at home bouts), and together, they have 3 fur-babies.

She sounds like a really nice girl, huh?

Well, tell that to her teammates who have to scrimmage against her, or, better yet, come and watch her cut-throat style on the track for yourself.

Skater Tidbits:

What is the origin of your name? Well my profession is cutting hair, and I wanted to incorporate that with my name. A guillotine is an execution device used for decapitation; I went with that and made it rusty, so it would hurt more.

Favorite derby teams? NWARD, KCRW, Magic City, No Coast

Animals? Oh yea, I have some of those. I have two dogs. One is a Blue Heeler mix named Possum. The other is a Shar Pei/Basset mix named Suzie. I also have a cat. She is a brown tabby named Marilyn that we adopted from the Fayetteville Animal Shelter. I also have two turtles and a fish.

What makes you have instant respect for a derby skater? Skate well, hit hard and be a nice person off the track.