Unskinny Wop: NWA Roller Derby’s Skater Of The Month for February 2013

Unskinny Wop delivers hits like a Mack Truck. Wop, as she’s lovingly called by her derby friends and family, is a dominant figure within NWA Roller Derby. Her versatility as a skater allows her to transition from blocker to jammer to pivot seamlessly. Wop’s illustrious career with the league includes leading the All-Stars as captain, serving first as treasury and now as secretary, and molding the fresh meat candidates into derby girls.

Off the track, Wop has a genuine smile and sympathetic ear ready for to listen to any skater. Wop began her derby career in 2006 and has since held the status of All Star.  She’s unfailing in her devotion to the sport of derby. Congratulations Wop.



Skater Tidbits:

What’s the origin of your name? Poison song – plus my dad is Italian and I’m, well… ‘unskinny’.

Number: 4

What does your number mean? My daughters age when I started, she helped pick it.

When did you join derby? 2006

How did you get involved in derby?
 Saw an article in the local newspaper and knew I HAD to do it, loved it ever since.

Favorite derby teams? KCRW

What advice would you like to give up and coming derby players?
 Don’t EVER stop pushing yourself.