The Krägermeister: NWA Roller Derby’s Skater Of The Month for March 2013

DERBY-80Our skater of the month for February is the multi-talented Craig Graves! From refereeing and bout production to social media and promotion, Craig wears a lot of hats here at NWA Roller Derby. A lifelong skater, Craig credits his abilities to trying all kinds of tricks, even pulling 360’s over the limbo stick as a kid. Off the track, he’s a quiet laid-back kind of guy, but when he’s part of the referee lineup (where he’s known as The Kraigermeister), skaters know they’d better stick to the rules or suffer the consequences! Plus he’s been known to spend hours discussing the finer points of roller derby regulations with his fellow refs, so every time you talk to him you’re sure to learn something new. As far as signature moves, he says that as a ref he’s not generally allowed to do “anything cool” out on the track, but in his words: “If you think of something, let me know. I like a challenge.”

When asked about the part he plays in the league, Craig says “I would like to think that I’m the guy who helps pull everyone one together to be more of a derby family than a bunch of ladies trying to hit each other. It takes at least 50 dedicated volunteers, working together to pull off a successful roller derby bout. So my favorite part is when the bout is over, everyone has shaken hands, the crowd has been entertained, the awards have been given and I get to go have a seat and have an ice cold beverage with the gang.”

Congratulations Craig Graves!