Ginny Wheezy #9.75


Name: Ginny Wheezy

Nickname: Wheezy / Red

What’s the origin of your name? I’ve always been a Harry Potter fan and really like Ginny Weasley (ginger power!). After skating for a while I came to realize I had sport-induced asthma so my derby wife decided a mash-up would be perfect!

Number: 9.75

What does your number mean? Platform 9 3/4 !

Team: NWA Natural Disasters

What position do you play? Blocker

How long have you been skating? A little over a year

When did you join derby? I joined the league in February of 2012

How did you get involved in derby? My roommate and one of my best friends was on league and kept talking about how awesome it was. I decided to tag along one day and went to the next freshmeat practice.

Signature move: Flail while trying not to hit the ground, haha

What role do you play behind the scenes? I work with our PR and Art Directors to get posters, flyers and programs built and printed for bouts

Pre-bout ritual: Drink lots of water, eat a granola bar, pee a thousand times and try not to barf

Motivational quote: Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.

Derby heroes: I know she’s not world-famous (yet) but our own JoAnn of Arc is awesome. She’s got a fantastic attitude, always smiling and ready to take on anything. Watching her skate in a bout is like watching a dancer.

What makes you have instant respect for a derby skater? When they keep smiling after taking huge hits or doing difficult drills

What do you do outside of derby? I spend a lot of time reading or playing video games

Favorite derby moment so far?

Favorite derby teams? It’s always a treat to watch the big hitters Rose City and Gotham

If you could remove one penalty from the game what would it be? Thankfully, the new rule set got rid of the ones that irked me the most, but destruction of the pack is one that I always keep in the back of my mind.

What advice would you like to give up and coming derby players? Make sure you do some sort of endurance training outside of derby. Ride a bike or run on the treadmill. Endurance is key in derby.

Derby awards? N/A

Where are you from? Little Rock, AR

How long have you lived here? Since 2006

What keeps you here? My husband is finishing up his Master’s degree at the university. We’ll probably check out another town after he finishes with that.

Animals? Three cats; Bruce, Faye and Barney

Family? Just my husband and I live here in Fayetteville. My mom, dad and stepdad all live in Little Rock. I’m rocking the only-child status.