Justice K #009


Name: Justice K

Nickname: Justice

What’s the origin of your name? I’m a law student by day.

Number: 009

What does your number mean? It’s sort of a 007 thing but ‘9’ has always been my lucky.

Team: NWA All Stars, NWA Natural Disasters

What position do you play? Blocker

How long have you been skating? Off and on for 8 years

When did you join derby? Originally, in 2006. I came on to NWA in 2011.

How did you get involved in derby? When I lived in MO, there was a rink right down from where I worked, so I
started going to some of their first practices as the Springfield Rollergirls. Later, I moved out of the country,
but I always knew when I came back stateside that it would have to be in a place where there’s derby. Enter

Signature move: Maybe less of a move, but I love playing in the back of the pack and being the first line of

What roll do you play behind the scenes? I’m head of the Grievance Committee.

Pre bout ritual: Double and triple-check all my equipment, stretch, and hydrate. Mean-mug the other team a

Motivational quote: Embrace failure. Do it with wit, grace, and style. A mediocre failure is just as boring as a
mediocre success.

Derby heroes: Beyonslay, Bonnie D.Stroir, my teammates

What makes you have instant respect for a derby skater? Getting up quickly after falling or being knocked

What do you do outside of derby? Read, write, listen, study, repeat.

Favorite derby moment so far? There are so many to choose from. I have a feeling that playing my first bout
as an NWA All Star will top the others. Also, all the love and support from derby fans the world over when
our gear was stolen last summer!

Favorite derby teams? NWA, SRG, KCRW

If you could remove one penalty from the game what would it be? By and large, I don’t think there are any
extraneous penalties. For purely selfish reasons, I would get rid of direction of gameplay so I wouldn’t ever
get called on it again.

What advice would you like to give up and coming derby players? Buy good-quality pads. Wash them
occasionally, please.

Derby awards? A smattering of MVPs.

Where are you from? Berryville, AR

How long have you lived here? Almost 2 years.

What keeps you here? School, derby, family

Animals? 2 dogs/home security experts: Finney and TJ

Family? Me, Mr. Justice, and the pups. Plus a bunch of other people who don’t live in our house, but whom I
can go visit and eat their food for free.