La Bomba #23


Name: LaBomba

Nickname: Bomba

What’s the origin of your name? The Spanish folk song LaBomba

Number: 23

What does your number mean? It’s my bday

Team: Northwest Arkansas All Stars

What position do you play? Blocker

How long have you been skating? 21 yrs

When did you join derby? Feb. 2008

How did you get involved in derby? I was going to school in Joplin, MO and saw a flyer. I went to a practice with MOKAN and been addicted to the sport ever since. Then transfered to NWARD Feb 2009.

Signature move: I like to block while skating backwards

What roll do you play behind the scenes? Part of the Coaching Committee
Per bout ritual: A healthy snack, water, and some pumped up music

Movationail quote: “It’s not personal, its ROLLER DERBY”-LaBomba

Derby heroes: Megasaurass and Powder both from Magic City Misfits

What makes you have instant respect for a derby skater? Being all around amazing person on the track and off the track

What do you do outside of derby? I’m a EPS Scheduler for JB Hunt

Favorite derby moment so far? When I received NWA Blocker of the Year 2011

Favorite derby teams? KC Warriors, Oly, Texecutioners, Magic City Misfits

If you could remove one penalty from the game what would it be? Ref discretion

What advice would you like to give up and coming derby players? Never give up! Practice makes perfect. Remember to breathe, don’t get angry and most of all HAVE FUN!

Derby awards? 5 MVP Blocker Awards, Blocker of the Year 2011

Where are you from? Parsons, KS

How long have you lived here? 3 1/2 yrs

What keeps you here? The love of my life, Matt

Animals? No :(

Family? Sharon (mom)  Martin (Dad) Megan (Sister) Kyla (Sister)