NWA Opens Home Season with Two Big Wins

Written by: Ginny Wheezy

Fayetteville, AR — On Sunday, February 22, NWA Roller Derby hosted its season opener with a fierce double header against the ladies of Mo-Kan Roller Girlz out of Joplin, Missouri. Playing to a packed house, the night was punctuated by some intense power jams, and great defensive pack work. NWARD’s Natural Disasters hit the track first against Mo-Kan’s Blockade.

Game One: NWA Natural Disasters vs Mo-Kan Blockade

From the first whistle, J Lowe Blow took a quick lead with an immediate power jam, scoring nearly 20 points. Although the NWA Disasters frequently managed to get lead jammer status in the first half and were quickly racking up points, they were having a hard time staying out of the penalty box, leaving many jams down a blocker or two. Even with this slight disadvantage, the Disasters blockers did some great defensive work preventing the Blockade’s jammer from making it through the pack leaving the score at halftime 176 – 28. The second half started out much like the first with the Disasters breaking 200 points a few minutes in. However, the Blockade came back strong in the second half by changing their strategy which resulted in them taking lead jam status for the next several jams, adding more points to their score. This ended up not being enough to combat the Disasters and left the final score 348 – 94. MVPs for the Natural Disasters were J Lowe Blow (Jammer) and Cosmic (Blocker). MVPs for the Blockade were Roc Nag ‘Em (Jammer) and Perpetrator Pinky (Blocker).

Ginny Wheezy blocks Mo-Kan jammer Whoopsies during NWA Roller Derby's First Home Game of the Season

Photo Credit: Susannah Bailey Photographer

Game Two: NWA All-Stars vs Mo-Kan All-Starz

After a 30-minute intermission, both teams got back on the track with NWARD’s All-Stars and Mo-Kan’s All Starz facing off. Being the first game of the season for the NWA Roller Derby All-Stars, it also marked the first game for skaters Hollywood, a transfer from Mo-Kan, and Funk You Up and Carbomb, who moved up from the Natural Disasters this year. The game started out exceptionally fast paced, with NWARD’s blockers seeming to wear the opposing jammers down with fast packs in addition to solid hits and cycling them to the back of the pack. Their strategy seemed to work well as the score was 144 – 40 at the half. Jammer Veronica Bruiseher from Mo-Kan did however give the NWA Roller Derby All-Stars some trouble scoring the majority of her team’s points with the help of blockers Salty Dawg and Hott Dawg Havoc. However this was not enough, as the score kept ramping up with some impressive jams from the NWA Roller Derby jammers, including a 23-point jam by Funk You Up. With their blockers unable to keep up with the agility of NWARD’s jammers and their jammers’ endurance flagging, Mo-Kan managed a mere 20 total points in the second half, leaving the final score 303 to 60 in favor of NWA All-Stars. MVPs for the NWA Roller Derby All-Stars were Hollywood (Jammer) and The Denialator (Blocker). MVPs for Mo-Kan Roller Girlz All Starz were Veronica Bruiseher (Jammer) and Salty Dawg (Blocker).

Great Wall of Gina and The Denialator blocks Mo-Kan jammer Veronica Bruiseher during NWA Roller Derby's First Home Game of the Season

Photo Credit: Susannah Bailey Photographer

Next game for the Natural Disasters will be in Topeka, Kansas on Saturday, April 4th against the Captial City Crushers. The next game for the NWA All-Stars will be the Clover Cup on March 27-29 in Dallas, Texas.