All-Stars take the win against C.A.R.D. Derby Queens

Written by: Ginny Wheezy

Fayetteville, AR — On April 18, your NWA Roller Derby All-Stars took on Central Arkansas Roller Derby Queens at Starlight Skatium. Although it wasn’t sanctioned, it was one of CARD’s first official games since becoming a full-fledged WFTDA member league a few months ago.

Jammer Jendetta starts at the line waiting for the whistle to blow
Photo by: Dan Snow Photography

The first whistle kicked things off at 7pm with JoAnn of Arc quickly taking the lead and adding six points to the scoreboard. Funk You Up, Jendetta and Femme Faye-tal all managed to take lead jammer status in the next few jams bringing the score to 32-0. NWA’s defense managed to hold CARD’s jammer at bay while JoAnn of Arc managed a power jam, jumping the score 68-0.

Halfway through the first half, CARD was able to score four points before forcing NWA to call off the jam. Funk and Femme showed off some impressive footwork, and paired with a lead jammer status by Jendetta, they brought NWA’s score past the century mark at 111-15. CARD jammer Ally Macom powered through NWA’s hard-hitting defense and put five more points on the board with a score of 126-20.

The final jam of the half saw CARD’s jammer going to the box, allowing NWA to pump the score up 181-20.

CARD appeared to step up their intensity at the start of the second half, bringing some impressive hits against NWA, but the All-Stars weren’t daunted and brought the score to 207-20. Ally Macom was sent to the box for a track cut allowing J Lowe Blow a power jam which put the score at 235-20.

MVPs as voted by each teamAfter a series of power jams for CARD and a lead jam status claimed by Jaims Maims, the score stood at 278-36. NWA continued to let their blockers strap on their jamming skates and sent out Rusty Guillotine and Stompin’ Ash to power through CARD’s defense. By the end of the game, CARD scored six more points, leaving the final score at 328-42.

MVP’s for this match-up for NWA All-Stars went to JoAnn of Arc (jammer) and Great Wall of Gina (blocker), and for C.A.R.D. Queens went to Ally Macom (jammer) and Panama Crack (blocker).

The All-Stars’ will have their next series of games at The Big O in Eugene, Ore. Catch their first game live online at or at 3:30 CST Friday, May 1.

Catch your NWA Natural Disasters at the next home game at Starlight Skatium on Sunday, May 17 at 6pm as they face off against the LeFlore County Roller Derby Maidens of Mayhem. For more information, join our facebook event: