2020 season double header opener

Saturday March 7th , saw NWA Roller Derby start our season on home turf at the Starlight Skatium, against Capital City Crushers of Topeka, KS. Coming into this game Capital City where ranked at 207 to NWA Roller Derby at 229 in the WFTDA rankings, meaning a placing gap of 22 ,with Capital City expected to win.

NWA Roller Derby came out on track for our warm up with a completely new look team. Whilst the team is experienced with well seasoned skaters, some that are familiar faces, there has also been skaters return to the team as well as transfer in from others teams including an international transfer. With all these new elements we came out with an unreadable team.

The first half of the game saw NWA Roller Derby come out strong and score points jam after jam,and paired with the strong walls of the blockers it was proving hard to Capital City to narrow a lead.  Going into half time NWA Roller Derby had taken the lead and extended it to a 50 point deferential.

The second half of the game Capital City fought back and with NWA Roller derby experiencing a run of penalty issues, managed to claw back points and get to with 20 of NWA Roller Derby’s lead. However despite the late surge in penalties from NWA Roller Derby that allowed Capital City to gain momentum and score points the final whistle was blown, seeing NWA Roller Derby win with a score of 139-120.

The second game of the day was between Benton County Roller Derby and Rock Town Roller Derby brawlers.
For many of the Benton County Team this was their first every public game, and it was a good one.

The first half saw Rock Town come out strong and take a commanding lead, over Benton County despite the strong blocking and hard hitting jammers. The half time whistle blew with Rock Town having a comfortable lead.

The second half saw Rock Town continue to extend their lead over Benton County, but Benton were not giving up the fight and pulled out all the stops to keep themselves in the game.  But it was not meant to be for Benton County with the final whistle blown, Rock Town brawlers took the win 243-111